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All the information about your motorcycle, the precautions you should take, the experience that awaits you, your destination and everything else.


Our workhorse: Yamaha XT-600.

From the very first trips we made through Zambia over 20 years ago, it was clear what the wheels had to be: a versatile machine, as indestructible as possible, and above all mechanical.

And that’s exactly why we’re still going on safari with the Yamaha XT-600 today.

In the meantime, our fleet counts more than 10 motorcycles, all of which have been brought from Germany to Zambia.

“If you want to go to the most remote corners of the world, take an XT – the legend of Paris-Dakar ’85.”


The Safari Tank: Nissan Patrol

Built in ’89 and therefore older than many participants on our tours. Unbreakable, robust and tailor-made customizations to meet our requirements. With its own cooling cell, there are almost always fresh drinks available on the roadside. And in the evening, he unfolds the built-in kitchen for your dinner.

With the custom made roof rack, it is also our packhorse when traveling. But then we decided not to put any wings on it.

“At some point, the Nissan will end up in a museum.”

Other vehicles in our fleet are currently a Ford Ranger and various Isuzu SUVs. All 4×4, of course.


Staying in the bush

Our credo would hardly be “We go wild” if we didn’t plan our overnight stays to be just as wild.

Therefore, we always have enough tents and mattresses with us to set up our camp where it is most beautiful: in the middle of nature. But we also treat ourselves to a visit to a lodge many times, and if desired by our participants, also exclusively.

Culinary joys are both meat or freshly caught fish from the grill, as well as delicious stews or classic Zambian food which we take with us, shop at the side of the road or take in at a lodge.

As far as selection is concerned, we are also prepared for any food intolerances or special requests.


In and around Zambia

We will take you on the wildest paths to the most beautiful corners. This includes, of course, highlights such as Victoria Falls, but also endless expanses on the Nyika Plateau in Malawi or herds of elephants in Kafue National Park.

Sometimes, however, it will be the small things that remain in your head. A beer on the side of the road, in a pub with a generator-powered fridge. The nice people. Or the lion’s roar at night.

“When you lie in your tent at night and hear the lions… no camera can capture that.”


Lonely but together in the bush

Some companies make team trips to strengthen the team spirit. They should knock on our door.

Our team spirit is of highest priority of our team and so it is important to us that we do not want to have any crazy loners with us. Whether it’s when the motorbike has fallen over or when the evening camp is set up.

Helping each other is simply a part of Motorrad Safari and that’s why our participants come as guests and go as friends.


Gravel, mud and dust

Over 20 years of Motorrad Safari. That means tens of thousands of kilometres travelled in Zambia, Malawi, Zimbabwe, Tanzania, Namibia and therefore lots and lots of experience in the African bush.

And you get the essence of all that experience. “The journey is the reward” is one of our mantras and that’s why we often don’t even have to have a specific goal in mind but enjoy the ride we make during the day.

In doing so, we always weigh up a good challenge and break a leg. We make sure that the stages are to be mastered for all riders in the group and help when there are any bottlenecks. We have never left anyone behind yet.


An often overlooked country

Zambia is a former British colony and has been independent since 1964. The official language is English. And: Zambia is a very peaceful country.

What we can say about Zambia is: Fabulous weather, incredibly friendly people and a unique experience of nature, smells, sounds and animals.

Burkard, one of your tour guides, is a German himself and has lived here for 20 years. He knows the country inside and out and can confirm that we have not yet been able to report any negative things about the people of Zambia on any tour.

Read enough? Ready to plan your tour with us?

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