In the Rush of Lower Zambezi 2022

Our 7-day adventure for eager bikers.

Quick Facts

Crisp tour with alternately challenging and simple stages as well as lots of nature, culture and wildlife.
Tour profile: Predominantly light to heavy gravel, sand passages & transfer lines with tar. Daily travel of ~100-200km

Please note that due to the current situation with the corona virus, your booking may need to be changed. However, we always keep you up to date and inform you in good time about any changes.


Our 7-day short version of the “Ghosts of the Lower Zambezi” tour. We go directly to the Lower Zambezi Valley – and you can see some of the highlights in just one week, for which you would otherwise have to plan at least twice as much time.
Our tour guide Burkard has been to the southeastern corner of Zambia countless times. A few years ago we also discovered a spot there that can hardly be surpassed in terms of wildness: The Chongwe Falls. Located right on the edge of the Lower Zambezi National Park, it offers a unique opportunity to truly be in the wilderness. Because when it gets dark, some residents of the area make themselves known through their sounds. Game sightings are also not uncommon. We have already got in close contact with elephants, lions, hyenas, hippos and crocodiles. Not for the faint-hearted! Finally, the Lower Zambezi National Park is a smorgasbord of different flora and fauna. We go past withered bushes, large baobab trees across a vast steppe into an almost magical forest, where not only elephants but also monkeys, impalas (roebucks) and even lions are waiting for us. What are you missing out on for this tour? Overall, the program is tighter, so there is not as much time to explore the Lower Zambezi extensively, and there is no trip to Lake Kariba.

What's included

What's not included

Detailed itinerary

Day 0 – Arrival, test drive & briefing

Your plane lands in Lusaka, you get out and feel the oppressive heat for the first time and think you could cut the air. After all formalities have been clarified, we head off with our own transfer to the Luangwa Safari Lodge in Kabwe, our home base. You can expect cold beer and a hot grill.

You can also take a short test ride with your motorbike to get a feel for the upcoming days.

Tag 1 – Leopard Hill Cave & Farm

We start with our bikes at dawn and head to the Leopard Hill Cave, where we will camp for the first time. Of course, we are not on the paved road, but make our way through rocky gravel slopes. A stopover at a farm rounds off this stage.

We do some wild camping near a bat cave tonight, which you can enter if you’re brave enough.

Day 2 – Over Leopard Hill Road

Downhill is the name of the game: The infamous Leopard Hill Road can hardly be called a road. We go over some tricky passages down into the Lower Zambezi Valley. The view extends far to the horizon, but you should also take good care of the stones in front of you. In the evening we set up camp either in an abandoned camp or in a lodge with a tent site.

Tag 3 – Chongwe Falls

We continue from our camp to Chongwe Falls, where we camp for 1 or 2 nights under a giant tree. You can go on an evening walking safari or take a jeep to the Lower Zambezi National Park for a night safari.

Day 4 – Gwabi Lodge & boat cruise

Out of the deep bush! We continue to Gwabi Lodge, which specializes on activities regarding the Zambezi River. We set up our tents, jump into the pool and take a river cruise on the majestic Zambezi in the evening.

Tag 5 – Day off with options

Today we keep all options open: Whether it might be a round trip in the area around the lodge, along the Kafue, just relaxing or something completely different. It’s up to the group. Let yourself be surprised!

Day 6 – On to the Pioneer Lodge & Camp

We start the return journey from the valley to the Pioneer Lodge & Camp. Do you want to camp again or do you prefer a cozy chalet? That is entirely up to you. You should definitely cool off again in the pool before going on the plane the next day.

Day 7 – Transfer to the airport

It is hard to say goodbye – after a few warm and sweaty hugs, the group returns to the airport in Lusaka.

Day X – Back to Reality

Welcome back – wherever you came from. Take some time to get back to normal. And if it doesn’t work out, talk to us and we will plan your next trip.

Our itinerary shows you exactly to the day which destinations we are heading for and which activities await you. But please be aware that Zambia and nature are always changing. Paths can be washed up, the weather can change, or some of your friends just need a break.

That is why we are always planning enough buffers so that we can adapt our tour accordingly. “Then we’ll just make a plan,” as our tour guide Burkard always says.

How to make a booking

First you can send us a booking request without any obligation. Think about the following questions:

Then we can either talk about your wishes and ideas via email, WhatsApp or by phone. If everything fits, we ask you to pay 30% of the booking price. The remaining 70% is due two months before the departure date.

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