Terms & Conditions

Legal provisions regarding our offers

Terms and conditions and booking conditions – a necessary evil which we need for your own and our security.

Please read them carefully before booking and traveling so that no misunderstandings arise.

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at any time.

Registration is based on the submitted service descriptions.
By registering, the participant offers the organizer a binding conclusion of the travel contract. By registering, the participant accepts our travel conditions. The travel contract becomes binding for the organizer if the travel confirmation has been received by the applicant at least one month before the start of the trip or – in the case of a later registration, within six working days after registration.

Upon confirmation of the registration by the organizer, a deposit of € 1,000 of the travel price is due immediately. Payment is made by bank transfer, whereby the name of the trip, the travel date and above all the name and address of the travel participant must always be specified. The day of the credit on the organizer’s account is decisive. The rest of the payment must be made no later than six weeks before the start of the trip without another request (note the long bank transfer of about one week). Transfer fees are at the expense of the travel participant.

Only the service descriptions are binding for the scope of the contractual services of the organizer. The participant assures that he is aware of the service descriptions.

The organizer reserves the right to publish the advertised prices and confirm them with the booking for important and proven reasons – e.g. tax increases – to be changed if the travel date is more than three months after the conclusion of the contract. If any price increases exceed 10%, the participant is entitled to withdraw from the travel contract without charge within ten days of the announcement.

The cancellation of a trip takes effect on the day on which the participant’s written notice of cancellation is received by the organizer. If you cancel your trip up to the 30th day, the deposit will be charged as cancellation fee, 50% of the travel price by the 15th day and the full travel price from the 15th day. No travel cancellation insurance is included in the travel price. The fellow traveler can book this independently via an external provider.

Change of entire bookings are only possible up to 14 days before the start of the trip between an equivalent trip or in favor of a higher-quality trip. After that, a change of booking is no longer possible.

If a minimum number of participants specified in the prospectus or otherwise disclosed to the participant is not reached, the organizer is entitled to cancel the trip at least two weeks before the start of the trip. The participants will immediately receive back the paid travel price.

If a travel service is not provided or is not provided in accordance with the contract, the participant is entitled to request remedial action. If the non-provision or non-contractual provision of the travel service is based on circumstances that occurred after the conclusion of the contract and which were not brought back by the organizer in good faith, the organizer is entitled to provide an equivalent or higher-quality replacement service that matches the character of the service owed comes close to remedy.

If, for reasons for which the organizer is not responsible, parts of the program provided in the program cannot be carried out, the organizer cannot be held responsible. In the event of any performance disruptions, the participant is obliged to do everything reasonable to help to remedy the disruption and to keep the damage that may arise to a minimum.

If luggage is lost or damaged during air travel, the participant must submit a damage report on the spot to the airline that carried out the transport. In other cases, the tour guide of the organizer must be informed. However, the tour guides of the organizer are not entitled to accept any claims.
In any case, a notice of defects must be submitted to the organizer within one month of the agreed return.

The tour operator is liable as a tour operator within the framework of the due diligence of a prudent businessman for the correctness of the description of all specified travel services at the time of printing of the program, for the proper selection and placement of the service providers as well as for conscientious travel preparation and processing.

The participant takes part in the trips at his own risk. It is the sole responsibility of each participant to ensure that they are able to cope with the health of the booked trip. The tour guides are entitled to completely or partially exclude a participant who does not meet the required requirements from the event program. This does not constitute a claim for reimbursement or partial reimbursement of the travel fee.

The tour participant is responsible for compliance with the road traffic regulations, even if he follows the tour guide.

The conditions of carriage of the transport companies used apply. The liability of the organizer for compensation within the framework of the travel contract law is limited to three times the amount of the travel price, insofar as the damage was not caused intentionally or through gross negligence or if the organizer is solely responsible for the fault of a service provider selected by him. Minors can only participate if accompanied by a legal guardian.

The invalidity of part of these provisions does not affect the legal effectiveness of the remaining provisions. Verbal side agreements must be confirmed in writing by the organizer to be effective. The right to change the services and prices is reserved, as well as the correction of errors, printing errors or calculation errors, insofar as this is reasonable for the participant taking into account the purpose and the contractual costs of the event or if this is necessary due to circumstances that the organizer does not can influence (e.g. significant change in exchange rates). All information in this prospectus is published subject to legal or official approval.

10.1 By submitting his booking documents, the lessee assures that he is in possession of a valid class 1 or 1a driving license.

10.2 A contingent of motorcycles is available for the tours. We will do our best to provide every renter with the desired motorcycle. However, there is no entitlement to a certain type. Should the intended motorcycle not be available due to unforeseen events, e.g. damages, we reserve the right to provide the renter with another motorcycle.

10.3 By submitting his rental motorcycle booking, the renter assures that he is aware that the motorcycle has a fully comprehensive insurance with a deductible of EUR 1,000 (on tar) and EUR 1,500 (on the slope). All damages caused by the lessee’s fault are to be borne by the lessee up to the amount of EUR 1000 or EUR 1500. This also includes partial damage (scratches, dents), which are settled according to a list included in the booking confirmation. This list is therefore part of the travel contract and the motorcycle rental contract between Luangwa Safari Lodge and the tenant. A protocol is drawn up between the company Luangwa Safari Lodge and the renter about the condition of the motorcycle before and after the trip, which is signed by both parties.

Settlement takes place via the deposit of EUR 1000 or EUR 1500, which is to be deposited in cash when the motorcycle is taken over.

10.4 The lessee is aware of the risks associated with the use of the motorcycle. He is aware that the traffic conditions, the road conditions, the weather and the behavior of the other tour participants can significantly influence the risks and accepts them. Furthermore, the lessee acknowledges that he is solely responsible and liable for the control of the motorcycle, for compliance with traffic regulations, the choice of road and speed, even if he follows the tour guide.

10.5 By submitting his booking, the lessee confirms that he is aware that it is not permitted to pass the motorcycle on to the lessee to third parties or to exchange it with other tenants without the consent of Luangwa Safari Lodge.

10.6 Each tenant is obliged to observe the laws and regulations applicable in the country of travel. In the event of gross violations of the applicable law, Luangwa Safari Lodge is entitled to secure the motorcycle left to the tenant without compensation.

10.7 By submitting his booking, the tenant confirms that he is fully aware of the risks and releases Luangwa Safari Lodge from any liability, in particular in the event of an accident.

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