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Important! COVID19 / Coronavirus Information

As a provider of motorcycle tours in the tourism industry, the corona virus and the strict requirements of the countries of course hit us particularly hard. But we are confident that you will soon be able to go on safari with us again.


Zambia does allow visas – it’s best to get your visa online beforehand. A negative corona test certificate may not be more than 14 days old. Then you are allowed to enter. Before returning, you can take another test and leave with a certificate no older than 14 days. Of course, we support you and your friends to organize the test.


Zambia currently does not issue visas for tourists. This means that entry is not possible. We’ll wait and see what happens in the coming weeks.


Even though the situation has now improved significantly, Zambia currently still has a mandatory quarantine of 14 days on entry. As soon as this regulation expires, we can offer our tours in the usual form again!

Your booking is safe in any case. We have adjusted our general terms and conditions and booking conditions as follows:

  • Reduced deposit (30%) of the tour price.
  • Full refund (100%) of your booking or deposit if we are unable to go on tour due to COVID19 measures.
  • If desired, you can simply move your booked trip to another date of the same value

Please note that you have to cancel your booked flight directly with your provider, we cannot accept any liability for this!

You can find more information about the current situation in our article under Stories.

Tours 2021

12 Days on tour
29.10.2022 - 12.11.2022
Balanced tour with alternating demanding and easy stages as well as enough time to relax and visit one of our aid projects.
12 Days on tour
29.10.2021 - 12.11.2021
Balanced tour with alternating demanding and easy stages as well as enough time to relax and visit one of our aid projects.
7 Days on tour
19.11.2021 - 28.11.2021
Crisp tour with alternately challenging and simple stages as well as lots of nature, culture and wildlife.

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