Our tour 2015 in pictures


Departure to the wild south of Zambia – to the Lower Zambezi National Park, Lake Kariba and finally Livingstone with the Victoria Falls.

Einige Gegenden in Sambia werden durch die Regenzeit komplett geflutet - und erschaffen so ganz neue Highlights, so wie diese Bäume, die im Wasser stehen.

A quick tire change on the go – a pile of sand quickly turns into a temporary lifting platform.

Private Zambezi excursions near Victoria Falls at sunset. Simply fantastic.

Climate change? Not at all! Almost every year, the Victoria Falls are almost completely dry in October. Then you can go hiking in the gorge.

Our bikers also like to clear the way for a moment when a tree has fallen over.

The locals in the bush marvel at our “Hondas”. You don’t know the word motorcycle – every motorcycle is a Honda, even if it is a Yamaha.

Lake Kariba – the sea of Zambia. The huge freshwater lake with its long beaches stretches endlessly.

Though you can easily get stuck in the sand if you want to ride along the shore. But with a pit of spit in your hands and some muscle, you’re quickly back on track.

The numerous markets in Zambia also offer lots of trinkets and wonderful souvenirs of beans, fish and vegetables. The huge fig tree is located in our Kabwe, our home base.

Fiery red sunset and fiery red… fire. Here we are near Chipepo on a side arm of Lake Kariba. A dream come true.

We thank all bikers who were with us on the tour. It was once again a unique experience!

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