Our expedition to Malawi 2018 in pictures


In 2018 we set ourselves some high goals. On an almost impassable route we went up to Malawi and up to the Nyika plateau – and then back down again on another path. A tour with lots of surprises and challenges.

Photos: Manuel Will

They just want to play: Getting in touch with the kids in Nakonde.

The anti-poaching unit on the Luangwa River protects the animals from local poachers. They discovered us when we set up our campsite next to the river.

Final arrangements just before the border crossing to Malawi. Upcoming: Downhill!

The Nyika plateau is a special highlight with it’s vast plateau landscape, right on the border with Zambia. The national park stretches for kilometers and has, among other things, zebras to offer.

At the campfire we review the stories of the past day.

At the wildlife camp near Mfuwe we go on a night safari to see one of the rare leopards.

Chillout session on top of the Nyika plateau. We make ourselves comfortable by a lake.

A fisherman on the Luangwa River

Two black heel antelopes – or simply called Impala – have a small duel with their horns.

Goodbye Malawi! On the way back, acacias and the red-burned sand contained by the iron in the ground enchant our slopes.

We thank all bikers who were with us on the tour. It was once again a unique experience!

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