Frequently asked questions

Before you start your Motorrad Safari, we’ll make sure that all your questions are answered so that you can fully concentrate on your adventure.

Here you can find a collection of frequently asked questions and their answers. If you have any further questions, please send us a message.

Zambia is very safe, if not one of the safest to travel to in the southern African region. Don't be afraid because of the close proximity of the Congo in the north. In Zambia there are neither civil wars nor local unrest. And people are always very friendly and accommodating.

As everywhere else in the world, please ask the person if they want to be photographed before you take a picture. Some may not be able to speak English well, so sometimes it helps to approach them with a smile and gain their trust first. You will then notice if you are allowed to press the trigger.

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Our tours are wild, but we are not insane. We use paths and roads which we have ridden before and can call them safe to ride. The well-being of our participants comes first.

On the other hand, of course, this assessment is a bit difficult without knowing your driving style. You should already have some experience with an enduro and have already driven gravel or sand tracks. Long-term road users often have a harder time than beginners with the enduro.

Even if we all call ourselves real adventurers, some people might require a bit more luxury from time to time. Please inform us about your preferences with your booking request so that we can plan accordingly. However, the price of a tour that works exclusively with lodges will logically be higher.

Yes. If you book a tour as a complete group, we can offer a group discount. Please provide your information when requesting a booking.

As a small tour provider, we are designed for maximum flexibility. As professionals for safaris in and around Zambia both on the motorcycle and 4x4s, we can put together a unique tour for you.

No. The quoted booking price is what you pay to us - and that's it. Flights are always excluded from the price. Please note, however, that some services are not taken over by us, so you will need some pocket money. You can find out more about that on the the specific tour page.

Basically there is no limit, even a single person can go on a safari with us. However, this would be very expensive because of the high organization overhead. We therefore recommend that you put together a group of friends or family and ask as a small group of at least 4 participants.

After the many tours we have already done, the optimal group size for us is as follows: 7-8 motorcyclists and 2 passengers in the SUV or 4x4. We have already led groups with 4 participants or 13, but more or less than that change the experience very drastically, which is why we usually keep it in that range. We recommend that you simply write us a message, then we can see what can be done.

Basically, we talk German on a tour with German participants, and English on all tours with participants from other countries.

No, our tour guides take over all organizational discussions. However, a very simple English is enough to ask for the way or order a beer. The more English you can speak, the more you can immerse yourself in the culture of Zambia!

Unfortunately not. The terrain we go on is sometimes too dangerous to ride a two-person motorcycle, especially because you often have to be standing on your bike to keep balance properly.

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