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Combining the pleasant with the useful – help from bikers for people in need

School desks and expansion of the Balaka School

Our first aid project took place in 2006 with the motto “School desks for ZAMBIA – BALAKA SCHOOL”. School desks for Zambia – a private campaign by 2-Rad-Center Eilenburg and its bikers.

Some bikers have been driving through Zambia with locally rented motorbikes since 2001 – and they didn’t just get to experience the beaufitul landscapes but they also saw that children in schools were sitting on the floor and had to go to school without any books and pencils.

The result of the pictures and the reports from 2001 was that in 2006 there were several bikers who wanted to combine the pleasant – vacation in Africa with a motorcycle – with the useful – help for the children in Zambia. The spectrum of those involved is colorful: police officers, master craftsmen, a biker attorney up to the central figure – our “motorcycle dealer of trust” – Uwe Klingenberger – around whom everything connects.

At the season’s opening – the so called “Drachenfest” – the fundraising campaign started and the participants in the school construction in Zambia were introduced to the bikers present; on this day we were able to book initial donations for this campaign.

This relief operation is managed by Burkard Will, who has lived in Zambia for about 20 years.

All items for the school facility are manufactured locally, so that this measure also leaves the money in Zambia and enables other local people to earn an income.

With the bikers to Balaka School

This is what our visit to the Balaka School in 2018 looked like with our tour group.

How you can get involved

Donations can be put into the collection box at 2-Rad-Center Eilenburg, Wurzener Straße 2a, 04838 Eilenburg, every small amount helps! Even if everyone knows that this action is only the famous drop in the bucket, it is a start and recommended for imitation. By clicking on the button, you can also donate a contribution immediately or set up a standing order.

By booking a trip with us you also help the project because part of our proceeds go back to our aid projects every year.

Not only can you see how well we are doing here in Europe, but you can also help grant a better life for the children and people in Zambia.

managed by Uwe Klingenberger/ Balaka School
Lawyer Uwe Steinmetz, Leipzig/Germany

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Your donation contribution goes 100% to our aid projects. Every penny counts.

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