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Out and about in the wilderness for over 20 years

Discover the wild nature

For over 20 years we’ve been around the bush and wild with our motorcycles. We are rarely concerned with the destination, but with the journey itself. Discovering nature together, getting to know foreign cultures, giving something back to the country and coming home with a story that will be told for a long time.

When it comes to adventure, we don’t like to be cookie cutters. We want to experience our own adventure, nothing ready-made.

For us, being truly wild means giving up some comfort. Better to use the dusty slope than the tar road. Eat the freshly caught fish instead of prepackaged supermarket goods.

To put the cell phone aside. And to listen to the sounds of nature around the campfire under the starry sky.

To break out of the comfort zone and find ourselves in a completely different world.

We go wild

Burkard, Klinge and the bikers on a tour in 2015

Our history

It all started with a dream of Africa

How did Motorrad Safari come about? Burkard could probably give a three-hour lecture on this. But in a nutshell: The foundation was laid in the 1960s when his brother moved out into the world and finally settled in Zambia near Kabwe.

A few years later, Burkard came up with the idea of going on a motorcycle tour in Africa. And what could have been more logical than using his brother’s farm as a base. And this is how the love for Zambia came about.

At the end of the 90s he met Uwe “Klinge” Klingenberger, a motorcycle dealer in beautiful Saxony, Germany. Together they worked out the idea of offering safaris on motorcycles in Zambia. And in the early 2000s the project started …


Zambia, a hidden gem

Zambia feels like a journey through time in many ways. Where you can still find modern life in larger cities, it still looks like it did 100 years ago in rural areas.

And that is what makes it so appealing. Tourism is far less pronounced here, and this ensures an absolutely authentic experience on our trips.

Of course, little tourism also means little pre-defined travel planning. Therefore, our tours can neither be offered by a travel agency nor driven without a local tour guide.

Our team

Uwe Klingenberger

Owner & Tour Guide
“Klinge” has been on tour with Burkard since 2001 and has fallen in love with Zambia since then. In Germany he leads the 2 Rad Group in Saxony.

Burkard Will

Owner & Tour Guide
Burkard has been living in Zambia for 20 years and was already exploring Zambia with a motorcycle in the 1970s. He also owns a lodge in Kabwe.

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