Embark on the adventure of a lifetime – on a motorcycle through the wild Africa!

There's no softness to the wilderness

Motorrad Safari. Pure adventure through the wild Africa. One of the greatest dreams of any motorcycle rider – to ride through the African savannah, surrounded by wild animals. Sleeping beneath the stars. Eating around the campfire. Toasting with friends on the last lap.

This might be your greatest adventure yet, and you’ll surely remember that trip for a long time.

Why Motorrad Safari?

Unique adventures

No prefab tours – Instead, you get carefully selected toursthat are always new and different

Real adventure

Adventure feeling with tents, camping kitchen, campfire and unfamiliar terrain with challenging stages transport you to another world – lots of surprises included.

Animals plus motorcycle

Experience African wildlife on a motorcycle – you can’t get this combo anywhere else. We pass by and sometimes even through national parks.

100% personal

We are always with you on the tour as your personal guide. You’ll get to know your team even before we start off. Planning, chatting and getting familiar all happens in a WhatsApp group specific to your trip.

Africa Safari Professionals

We may be crazy, but we are not insane. Thanks to our many years of experience (20+ years) you can be sure to get home safely.

Sustainability included

Even though we’re wild guys – we’re aware of nature and its importance. That’s why we build our own school for children in Kabwe – and you can help!

We are a small, personal team that gives you the most unique motorcycle experience of your life. You come as a guest and leave as a friend.

What our biker friends say

Burkard and Klinge are two crazy guys. But that's why it's so fun to go into the bush with them again and again ...

Biker with Motorrad Safari for over 10 years

That was the trip of my life. The tours are demanding, but everyone is considerate of the other and that creates a great team spirit. You go home with unique memories and new friends.

Biker with the tour 2019

Once Motorrad Safari, always Motorrad Safari. Zambia is simply inexhaustible with great waterfalls, dusty slopes and wild animals. I'm addicted...

Biker with Motorrad Safari for over 10 years

Wonderful views, delicious dinners around the campfire, a flat tire in the high-noon sun or simply a cozy get-together at sunset. You take everything in...! You have to experience it yourself to understand what this is about. Motorrad Safari is a way of life!

Biker with the tours 2016, 2017 & 2018

Ready to plan your tour with us?

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